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As 2015 will soon ended, personally I have great plans to do as long as year of 2016. Simple man like me with great passion right now (where as I knew getting wonderful results from my study and research since Nov ‘2014 until Nov ‘2015, me and my small business getting incredible system and digital infrastructure in our Internet presence. This is the greatest moment in my life, the best I can in 15-years in business, and 10-years in my previous dream, right now dream become true! Thanks God, my wife, my great mother, collagues, as well as sweet clients).

Me, as a mankind, wish to do several good things in 2016 as follows:

  1. Enough bed time (from 4 to 5/6-hours a days),
  2. Working hours from 7-to-6/days working days
  3. Practice regularly (1/2x a week, just walking around with my red mini poodle in our tropical and wild balinese garden)
  4. Develop mind & body in positive things surrounded by ambient conditions (God bless us, natures still be us with great sunshines everyday, living in harmony (ying and yang)
  5. Regulary pray for Him, always bless us every breath I take (thanks to you God!)
  6. Write personal blog (1/2 article) a week to spread good things to others
  7. More donations (to whom need a better living and education, care)
  8. Living dangerously for a month in Bali / Karimun Jawa island as a hideaway for releasing my mind and body (hacked by greatest passion in my lfe for 13-month 20x7hours working hours).
  9. Living more harmoniously with my greatest wife (take her more to shopping mall)
  10. In my spare time I wish to study more deeply regarding: tropical architecture and balinese/japanese/frech garden landscape.

Everyone has a great dream, dream will become reality later, it only depends on us, is it ready to take it at where & when it happens.

For me, business is only the results our passion, bring more added value to our clients (I always wish they getting better results and more than they expected from us). So, in the year of 2016, for my business I have a several wishlist to do with compassion and work hard as follows:

  1. I have a dream getting clients around the world from our newest portfolio in integrated Web CMS
  2. Sell personally digital items and creative works from Bali island (where I don’t know why Bali island, the island of Gods, always give me many inspiration)
  3. Maintain our 10 (ten) websites consistently and persistenly with speed, reliability, security, audit.
  4. Integrated Website Management system for: monitoring, disaster recovery, scalability and redundancy)
  5. Switching with slowly but sure from our previous portfolio in security and communication digital services to Integrated Web CMS with proportion (25-25-50) and balance of product and services (75/25)

I believe with in year of 2016, we simply better mankind and business to serv-u the best we can, consistently and persistenly bring fresh and new inovation and creativity. That’s all.



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Posted by Reggy

simple man with great compassion and passion in search of excellence for better living.