I have 3 (three) great women who always inspire me for great passion from time to time, from every breath I take. I really love you all so much my mom, wife and sister.



  • she is 80-years old now, she is healthy and happy mom
  • greatest mom I’ve ever seen
  • pray for us everyday
  • take care for us in span of your whole life
  • greatest wife for my beloved father who help him day and night
  • pray for God, read Bible, newspaper, watch TV regularly everyday


  • take care of me everyday with your love (thanks !)
  • without you, I have nothing
  • with me until the end of my life later (God kindly help me as your wishlist for me)
  • fast learner in cooking
  • kind, always help others
  • with me day and night even sometimes I hurt you


  • wonderful woman I’ve ever seen
  • who consistently & persistently doing in what you believe in your life
  • have enormously energy to follow your pasion in your life
  • never miss help me at the right time if needed
  • know how to treat yourself with positive energy
  • kind and smart  where as I knew you always reach 5-best ranked as long as your studies (from SD till Bachelor degree)
  • who reach position as Director before 30, I know u have high level both IQ and EQ
  • many friends who love you so much


I really proud of you! may God bless u always and forever.


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Posted by Reggy

simple man with great compassion and passion in search of excellence for better living.