Hi …

I’m REGGY, just a simple & passionate man, who believe in God & universe. Live a life in search of excellence for better living through my full cycle of my IKIGAI, transparently share things done in purpose to inspire others.

Things Done

So many things happened in my life, through cycle of lifelong learning, passionate, continuous improvement, a lot of experience, intensive study & research.

A lot of things happened that look like impossible things todo initially, at the end getting things done, the purpose of sharing my things done are personally for myself as self reflection for what I achieved, as documentary for myself, families, colleagues, and shareable to anyone else.


My circle & core competence is achieved through longtime process of my strength and weakness through lifelong learning, continuous improvement, and passionate to make things happen.


I truly believe in God & universe, blessing us & me.


always make things as simplest as possible (ASAP)


put more energy into something than is required to do it. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heartmindbody and soul into something as is humanly possible.

Lifelong Learning

as long as I have a good spirit, mental & body health, I keep cycle of lifelong learning as my first principle, it is my promise & commitment to my God for me as human being.

Continuous Improvement

started with what we have, through reflective and imaginative mood keep trying making improvement in all aspect of my life.


Believe me, once you stop be a creative, sooner or later you’ll die! the machine with their intelligence will eat you later.


The real core skills I got during my life endlessly, through cycle of persistence and consistent curious to learn a lot of related things I’m interested, learning by doing and making mistakes, where at the some point(s), all useful skills make me live a life where gives enourmous benefit for myself and others.


Who Inspire Me

Might many of extraordinary people(s) also inspire me a lot, but I try my best always just selecting 3-to-5 best of the best, and the 3 (where 2 of them already RIP) makes me keep inspire always.


Until the end-of-my-life I have only 5 (five) biggest dream(s), the dream that make me live a life with purpose, with blessing of God and universe, might all of my dream will come true, the dream to make me and all-over-the world better.

This dream come late (2003-2017) about +13-years later, anyway exceed my expectation. The biggest moment for these dream came true after crisis in mid June ’16, starting from 0 (zero) to radically change the way of doing business. At the end of 2017, our integrated business system fully integrated through Internet via platform (pre-sales, internal business operation, up to customer service/support).

Digital (A-Z) Business System1st Dream

These dream came sooner (my expectation about 5-years) but in 3-years trully happen on me and my families, where we’re living in tropical house, far away from crowded city, the (beautiful, sweet, and smart) home, where we’re able do all things inside these house. Thanks God for blessing us all good things.

Tropical House2nd Dream

My expectation for early retiring in doing for what I like without any worries for financial freedom, where the system fully working for our daily life without ourself inside in business. Live a life in beautiful island full of (sun, beach, and ocean).

Freedom of Life3th Dream35%

might God inspire me w/ enough (health, idea, inspiration, motivation, full of passion) to create things that look like impossible but feasible to make our next generation bring any values to global world through what she did later.

Value to the World (2034)4th Dream

Actually, I only dream 3 (three) big dreams in my life, the 4th dream came so late, but anyway, responsility of my God to bring any value to global world might happen around (15-18)-years later. Suppose 4, I hate the even number in my life, so, the best add one more, ready to die anywhere/anytime, as long as I have any good legacies to the world. I have good and simple death system, just cremation me on the same day I died, no cry, and w/ the help of God, suppose my families able to continue their journey(s).

Peaceful RIP5th Dream50%

Contact me

Suppose there are any question(s) wanna ask me something, try my best to reply/answer in my available time & limitation.


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