If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success. —James Cameron
Until at the end of 2015, we are excited with our effort for 13-months study and research, learning from zero until getting the best result at the end of 2015. This is momentum for me personally and our business primarily. Two monumental results are: (1) the best infrastructure and Internet online presence since 15-years ago (2) our plan to switch over from existing communication and security digital portfolio to integrated Web CMS. Why? We’re able and confident to serve all companies around the world into digital presence in global Internet, we knew the system itself, we implemented the system in ourself, so this is the reason why we’re confident and guarantee the bring the best results for next project.

Dad … missed you so much, I hope you happy in heaven, someday we’ll meet again. Thank you so much for everything given to us as long as your whole life, without you, I have nothing at all.

What are the result during until the end of this year (2015) ?

Wow, personally I really do not understand and how getting these 10 (ten) websites for our business purposes (support A – Z from initial pre marketing phase, business process (including selling, administration, financial, accounting, auditing), till support and services to our clients, and maintain good relationship (newsletter). All of those websites fully functional since Jan ’16, where currently in final phase of content itself)

  1. Official
  2. Shop online
  3. Digital shop
  4. Portfolio
  5. Howto
  6. News
  7. Project Management System
  8. Digital Newsletter #1
  9. Digital Newsletter #2
  10. Digital Newsletter #3


Short description:

Official: our main website for our presence only (need good interface design, simple but modern, unique)

Shop Online: using Woocommerce, wordpress plugin for wordpress, our shop online is unique with several key points: Multi Currency, good document system such as online RFQ, Invoice/Packing Slip), Ajax Search, Wishlist, etc)

Digital Shop: we’ve 2 digital shop for supporting our operation, digital shop #1 for our digital items such download, product updates, and software licensing, digital shop #2 for client purposes only

Portfolio: strictly focus on showing our Web CMS portfolio in interactive way and unique features for creative works

Howto: as usual knowledge base and general landing pages function to support our newsletter services

News: our core system for distributing general and specific information timely basis and/or scheduled, everything running automatically with cron system, automatic reminder for licensing will expire, invoice reminder, automatic email when posting blog/news to existing subscriber

Project Management System: for managing client license, reminder, project task, ticketing for managing problem/case, project bugs, private message between project leader, project team and clients

Digital Newsletter #1: using php system for managing digital newsletter in fashionable html basis, view in browser if email client not supporting background images, monitoring and auditing, subscribe/unsubscribe/bounce processing. Almost the email sent using email services from Amazon SES for reliability and cost effectiveness.

Digital Newsletter #2: using Mymail wordpress plugin with Amazon SES/Postmark email services. It is used for system where Digital Newsletter #1 not capable our requirement as well as backup system for #1.

Digital Newsletter #3: subsystem for supporting client only as well as backup plan for #2.

What is our effort to reach those goals successfully?

  • Spent 13-months study and research, almost 20×7-hours nonstop, 1 till 2 pack cigarette everyday, 5-10-cups of black office everyday, average 2-3-bottle chinese royal jelly, buying about more than 200module for wordpress,
  • Switching over internet data center from US base wordpress hosting to Singapore Godaddy managed wordpress hosting (where we’re using 3 (three) separe account for hosting about our 10-portal/websites
  • We are using almost the best / popular wordpress theme/plugin around the world and really knew the best match for speed, performance, functionality, consistently upgrade theirs with bug fixes, enhancement, new features. We combine their excellence creative works to our needs and requirement
  • We are using top email services around the world, just to make sure email sent from us arrived properly in our client mailbox (where are using Amazon SES for their reliability and price competitiveness.
  • Our basic requirement for Internet security system for all of our wordpress blog/websites fullfil properly, our godaddy wordpress manage hosting have a single sign-on using SMS code after login/password, access to admin level using services from Wordfence and Clef, we separate each function of our business function separately between 10-websites, have primary and backup system, backup/restore services from default hosting and Updraftplus, our newsletter digital services consists of 3 different websites,
  • We have some tools for staging in-house (access locally) using solution from Serverpress with their Desktopserver, staging tools from godaddy wordpress managed hosting, staging tools using UpdraftPlus (how imagines, we have everything we need in case for emergency/contigency plan purposes)
  • Using free plugin wordpress where recommended from WordPress as well as any recommendation from wordpress website around the world (almost we’re using only below 25-top wordpress plugin)
  • We separate our digital shop into 2 (two) type of website: (1) for physical and subscription items (2) digital items / downloads where there is physical shipment, faster checkout processing, managing their updates and software licensing)


  • We’re confident right now, whole process of our business running effectively where at the same time reducing costs significantly
  • Reach clients globally around the world, we believe in ourselves that we’re able to support and serve them
  • Our local clients able to manage their license by themself, automatic reminder for system will due, private messages to us, accept/decline our estimate/quotation, manage their invoices for accounting purposes
  • Misc: each of our website/blog have distinct and unique features: retina display, adaptive screen size according to client platform, good type font for reducing distraction where reader focusing only content, simple but modern in design, fast access.


The most important things for our monumental moment in these year (2015) is we’re getting PASSION ! – the main driving force where force us to the highest level of our mind and body to reach wonderful goals. It’s amazing, I believe in passion as almost great leader says.

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